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“La Diablada de Pillaro” is part of the Cultural identity of Tungurahua
It’s performed every year from 1 to January 6.
The troupes representing the devil, who as the story goes, came to America with Christianity, as part of the imaginary.
The people is happy dancing, jumping dressed as devils.
The dance represents the battle between the forces of good and evil.


North: “Canton Salcedo ”by the Cotopaxi province
East: The Napo province
South: With the Canton Pelileo and Canton Patate
West: The Canton Ambato


The climate is diverse modified by altitude.
Rains frequently, the colds intense.
Located on the Equatorial mesothermal climate region
The average is 10° C to 14° C.  
The “Diablada Pillareña”: 1 to 6 January


The Feast of the “Diablada Pillareña” is presented annually in the matrix of the canton Píllaro.

from 12h00 to 18h00 during the week, find Devil, social cultural activities, dances, fireworks and folk dancing, parades to march through the city streets dressed as devils and carry in their heads spectacular  masks.

PARTICIPATING GROUPS of "San Andrés", "San Miguelito", "Marcos Espinel", Presidente Urbina, "Tunguipamba", "Cochaló", "RobalinoPamba", "Santa Rosa", "Nuevo Rumihuaico", The Matrix " Dance School", participate separately in the so-called "Game" every game is composed of a number ranging from 50 to 300 people, then join all the items given A total of 1,500 participants hell.



this type of devil is in the form of a snake to women to show good or evil.

“El macho cabrio”

this type of devil is the king of the goats this devil is tempted to infidelity.

The bull
El Toro

is type of devil is considerate of the people pillareño as an icon of strength and virility.

Dragons and lizards
Dragones y Lagartijas

this kind of hell are characterize man attract the mischief they have the time to see a beautiful woman.

The pig
La marranada

this kind of hell refer abortions that have happened in this town.

Autochthonous Devils
Los diablos auotoctonos

these devils are for the nudity or semi-nudity of the indigenous people who show their body naturally and morbidity as in men and indigenous women.

“Supay y Millay”

these devils are for the evil of the people.

 African devil
El diablo africano

this devil refers to the main devil will not be punished because for the devil has to offer rituals that soothe her spirit.

 Dancing devils
Los diablos danzantes

these types of devils dance to thank for a miracle of holiness received


THE CABECILLA”: The leader is the person in charge of organizing in their community to the participants, with time of anticipation.

“ THE CAPARICHE”: It´s a diguised that goes before the procession, with a broom, sweeping the streets and the feed of people that are looking.

COUPLES OF LINES :They are men and women that use formal suits, representing to the high class of that  time.

“THE GUARICHA” :attract to the public. With a disguise a woman, and they take a dolls between their hands.

THE TOWN BAND: It´s the one in charge of putting the rhythm of the dance, each procession goes with its band.

THE DEVILS: with four faces, the devil with a eye in the forehead and many but. They dance to the sides of the groups.

THE CRAZY WIDOW: She wear a long shirt, she haves the hair disorderly.


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My name is Nelly Margoth Pacheco Murillo
I'm married, I have a daughter
I'm from "La Mana"
I live in Quito
I study in at Central University of Ecuador
I like the romantic music, especially about Franco de Vita, Karina
I like to cook and to experience new food
My favorite food is the shellfish
My favorite sport is soccer
In my free time I wach movies with my family and I go shopping


Name: Jully Shiguango Vargas
Age: 19 years old
I like:
Dance and listen to all kinds of music, go out with my friends and share good times.
I like watching the TV, reading stories, playing basketball and sleeping in the afternoons on weekends.
I'm a fun girl and humble.
I am interested in:
Meet and make friends with my same interests.


My name is Ana Gabriela Puruncajas Condor
My nicname is Any
I am 19 year old, my brithday is on December 15th
I love romatic music, because it talks about the loves and hates.
I'm very happy, I like to have friends and learn every day more
I like to sing, dance and a lot of fun
I love to travel and adventure
I love my family, because they are everything to me
I study in the Faculty of Cience of Administration at the Central University
I'm from Quito

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My first name is Cindy
My last name is Palacios
My e-mail address is cindypalacios2@hotmail.com
I´m form Mananbi-Ecuador
I live in Quito
I´m married
I study at the Central University in the Faculty of Administrative
My favorite musical group are cold play and pink floyd
My favorite team is Emelec
My favorite movies are Romantic

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My name is Marcela Romero
I am 19 years old
My nickname is Marce
I´m from Ecuador and I live in Quito
I study at the Central University in the Faculty of Administrative Scencies,School of Accounting and Audit.I´m in fourth semester.
I love being at home with my family especially with my twin sister.
I love playing soccer and basketball.
I like spicy food of Mexico, I dislike China food.
In my free time I like to listen to music and read books.
I would like to travel to Italy and Egipt. My favorite color are  red,black and pink.
My favorite singer is Luis Enrique, because his songs are very nice.
I´m cute a girl, a little shy and very friendly.